Fundraising Tips

Here are some tips from us on fundraising to be a volunteer teacher at CRICS for a year:

1. We can send you a letter from the Superintendent endorsing you as a teacher for CRICS. This can be sent as an attachment to a fundraising letter that you send to your church, family, and friends. Please email admin[email protected] to request an endorsement letter.

2. Our experience has been that it is easier to raise funds for a year at a time rather than asking for long-term support. People often will make a one-time donation rather than make a commitment to a monthly donation. If you choose to volunteer a second year it will be easier to raise money for that second year while you are teaching here rather than raising money for two years initially.

3. Consider listing some of your expenses in your fundraising letter and asking people to meet specific needs. “Will you pay for my travel expenses?” “Will you pay for me to purchase a used car?” “My monthly expenses will total $500, will you support me for a month or two?”

4. If you would like any suggestions regarding fundraising please email [email protected]

We pray for you as you seek God’s provision to work at the school. Please let us know if you have additional questions and concerns about fundraising.