Student Teacher & Intern Application Process

  1. Submit an Interest Form
  1. The recruiter reviews the Interest Form and invites the applicant to go to the next steps if the recruiter thinks it may be possible for CRICS to place the applicant.
  1. Ask the following people to submit a recommendation form on your behalf. (The link to the form will be automatically emailed to them as part of this application process)
    • Your Pastor or someone who knows your Christian walk
    • Your Professor or Supervisor
  1. After the Interest Form and two recommendation forms are received the recruiter will give your application materials to the Screening Committee.
    We will also communicate with you to make sure we are able to meet the requirements of your university.
  1. The CRICS Screening Committee reviews your application. The recruiter will let you know of your acceptance.
    An invitation to serve at CRICS will be contingent on the following:
  1. All student teachers and interns will come to Thailand on an appropriate visa. The teacher recruiter will talk with you about the type of visa and documents needed.