Lifestyle of Volunteers

Our mission at CRICS is to “serve the servant by providing quality, innovative, family-oriented English Christian Education.” All volunteers are expected to continually maintain a Christian lifestyle which enables CRICS to fulfill its mission. Therefore all expatriates accepted for service with CRICS must be Christians and are expected to demonstrate Christian values in their lifestyle.

We believe humans are created to be male or female, each created in God’s image (Gen. 5:2, Mt. 19:1-12). For those who choose it, marriage reflects God’s design when it is a lifelong commitment between one man and one woman (Mark 10:1-12). We believe singleness, for those who embrace it, is a gift to be celebrated and supported within the CRICS community.

While there may be different behavior patterns on some moral issues within the Christian church worldwide, we feel that a conscious effort to maintain a Christian lifestyle is very important, and behavior that hinders CRICS from fulfilling its mission is grounds for dismissal. The school will not attempt to define such behavior in detail ahead of time, but our definitions of Christian lifestyle include the facts that we expect single people to remain celibate and husbands and wives to be faithful to one another within their marriage.

Where volunteers engage in behavior that the School Administrators perceive hinders CRICS from fulfilling its mission they (the Administrators) have the right to address those issues with the volunteers directly. In cases that the School Administrators deem to be serious, they reserve the right to dismiss a volunteer and have sponsorship for his or her visa withdrawn immediately.


Non-discrimination Statement
**CRICS maintains a policy of nondiscrimination with staff, student, and family members. No aspect of study, community involvement, or employment with us will be influenced in any manner by sex, race, age, or disability. CRICS carefully preserves its right to select teaching faculty who will affirm the school's Statement of Faith and Lifestyle Statement and who will effectively advance the school's mission.**