Sending Organization

  • All foreign staff members of CRICS come under the sponsorship of a CRICS approved sending organization. This can be an approved mission agency or a like-minded church. The sending organization agrees to support the staff member through prayer, pastoral care and, to the extent agreed upon, finances.
  • Our CRICS family is good to respond to crises, but we are not staffed to address labor intensive issues such as major injury or illness, the need for evacuation should it arise, or being detained by authorities for unusual circumstances and/or long periods of time. We ask that sponsoring churches or agencies be available to respond to crises and to assist the staff member and the school with any communication challenges that might arise.
  • We ask that the church or organization send a letter to Chiang Rai International Christian School affirming the applicant’s affiliation with the organization and the organization’s backing of the applicant, along with a copy of the organization’s doctrinal statement (or the address of a website where the statement appears).
  • Sending Organizations who are currently sponsoring staff, or have sponsored staff in the past, include: IMB (Southern Baptist), American Baptist IM, Teach Beyond, Wycliffe, YWAM, CTEN, RCEOMF, Mission Next and others. We invite staff from many organizations and denominations that agree with our statement of faith.