Student Application Process

**All student applications and required documents are due by March 1st for consideration for enrollment in the subsequent school year.

1. Complete the online Student Application Form.

2. Complete the Student Medical History Form and upload on the uploads page. Please click here now to download the form.

3. Scan the following documents and upload them on the uploads page.

  • Copy of Child’s Passport or ID card
  • Copy of Child’s Birth Certificate
  • Copies of Parents’ Passport or ID card
  • Copy of House Registration (Thai citizen)
  • Past School or Homeschool records (minimum past 2 years)

4. Have a pastor, principal, teacher or missionary and one other person complete a reference form for your student:

  • Pastoral Reference Form
  • Friend Reference Form
  • Kindergarten applicants only need one reference form; it can be completed by a Pastor or by a friend.

5. Once the school has received the completed student application, as well as all of the required supporting documents, the Admissions Officer will contact you, via e-mail, to guide you through the rest of the process.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Admissions Officer using the red button at the bottom right of your screen.