Teacher Additional Information

  1. Because Thai culture values neatness and holds teachers in high esteem, CRICS staff are urged to dress modestly and professionally. Please review the dress guidelines here.
  2. We encourage all of our teachers to follow the laws of Thailand. Please have the appropriate paperwork to drive in Thailand. You can drive in Thailand with an international driver’s license and the license from your home country. After you have a work permit it is possible to obtain a Thai driver’s license. ​If​ ​it​ ​is​ ​possible​ ​that​ ​you​ ​will​ ​drive​ ​here​ ​please​ ​get​ ​an international​ ​driver’s​ ​license​ ​before​ ​you​ ​come.​ ​(In​ ​the​ ​USA​ ​visit​ ​AAA’s​ ​webpage​ ​for International driver’s​ ​license:​ ​​http://www.aaa.com/vacation/idpf.html​)
  3. We also suggest that our teachers register with their appropriate embassy in Thailand to receive important updates. Those from the US can register at: https://step.state.gov/step/
  4. Our CRICS family is good to respond to crises, but we are not staffed to address labor intensive issues such as major injury or illness, the need for evacuation should it arise, or being detained by authorities for unusual circumstances and/or long periods of time. We ask that sponsoring churches or agencies be available to respond to crises and to assist the staff member and the school.
  5. CRICS provides a very basic accident coverage to our full time teachers and students while in Thailand (some restrictions apply). However, this is not adequate for extended illness or major accidents. Most sending organizations require their members and their families to have medical insurance in their home countries, and we encourage this practice. Our teachers come through a variety of sending organizations that have different requirements. It is ultimately the responsibility of the teacher to consider and prepare for their health and insurance needs.
  6. It is not required, but is recommended that you purchase medical evacuation insurance  should you need to be medically evacuated and repatriated to your home country. Medical evacuation policies do not usually cover in country medical expenses or evacuation for security reasons only.  We cannot recommend one policy over another, however the average rate is $200 for an annual policy. More expensive policies can cover medical expenses but for shorter periods of coverage time.
  7. Short-term volunteers are recommended to obtain travel insurance.

By checking the box below:

  1. I understand that CRICS has dress guidelines for teachers and I will respect those.
  2. I understand that preparing for my health and insurance needs and medical expenses is my responsibility.
  3. I understand that it is my responsibility to follow the laws of Thailand regarding driving with appropriate paperwork. If needed I will obtain an international driver's license before I come.
  4. I understand that it is my responsibility to connect with the embassy of my passport country if desired.
  5. I understand that it is my responsibility to purchase health care or medical evacuation for my time in Thailand.